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Is SEOgine Safe?

At SEOgine, we focus on trust, results, and partnership.
This is something we do not want to break since it is the foundation of our core belief. With that being said, Google has announced some time ago that they will no longer be algorithmically penalizing for links. This was with the Penguin 4 update. So don’t worry about something that has been addressed by Google themselves.

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How Do I Diversify My Anchor Text?

Your anchor text should focus on a ratio of natural words with the main targeted keywords that you are trying to target. This prevents any over-optimization to your main money keywords – according to Google in 2012 that is the #1 cause of Google penalties.

*Here is an example of how to use 100% natural anchor text for the URL www.SEOgine.com-

keyword 1: http://www.SEOgine.com
keyword 2: www.SEOgine.com
keyword 3: SEOgine
keyword 4: see here
keyword 5: find out more

Don’t get greedy, keep your natural anchor text to a HIGH percentage of your overall anchors, then just sprinkle in a variety of your targeted keywords from order to order. This will avoid over-optimization on your site and keep it ranking in the SERPs.

If you have a seasoned site and want to see what your overall anchor text breakdown is, use www.ahrefs.com, it’s a great tool, and there is a 7-day trial version if you want.

If you don’t already have many natural anchors texts on your site, we suggest that you build a bunch of them. You can get cheap and safe ones by registering your business with all the social site the web has to offer. If you want this done but don’t know where to start, check out https://seogine.com/product/seo-branding/


When Should Building Links on my Site Start?

If your content is up and optimized. Then now is the best time, don’t wait and fall behind.

The basic SEO process is:

1. Define What You Want from your Site
2. Keyword Research
3. On-Page Optimization
4. Backlink Building

You can find out more about the SEO strategy we recommend here.

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How do I Track my Rankings After I Have Started an SEO Strategy?

There are many ways you can track your SEO results on your own some include before and after keyword rankings, measuring your web traffic and more.

You can use Google Analytics for tracking purposes, but you can also use Clicky as a second option.


What is SEOgine’s refund policy?

First off, we are here to make sure you are 100% happy with any service we do. So if you have any concerns with our work or questions on your service, please contact us at contact@SEOgine.com

Feel free to check out our terms and conditions page for our refund policy.

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Is There a Contract I Need to Sign?

Nope. Everything we do is per project, so you just get what you pay for. Since SEO takes at least 3-6 months to take effect, we always recommend sticking around on a monthly basis, it is not required.

No hidden fees, contracts or upsells.

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How to schedule a free SEO consultation?

To guarantee that we will be able to connect is to schedule a free consultation for us at a time that is convenient for you. This way both SEO expert and client are ready to discuss needs and solutions.

If you click this link you will be sent to a calendar so you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our amazing Account Managers to discuss a strategy that is good for you and your needs.

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I Purchased a Service, What do I do Now?

Sit back and relax, we got this, it’s what we do.

So our goal is to deliver your ordered service within 30 days or less. This all depends on what was ordered and the complexity of the order. If SEOgine Complete was ordered, we will get ahold of you within two business days to discuss your wants and needs as a company.

If you have any questions before during or after the service just shoot us a quick message here: Submit a Ticket


I Completed my Order but Didn’t get a Confirmation. Why?

Was it made on the weekend?
Everything is manually reviewed here at SEOgine, so before sending out confirmations it is reviewed. So if it was over the weekend, no one would be in the office to manually review your order. If you placed your order between Saturday and Sunday EST (-5:00 GMT), you will end up getting your confirmation on Monday evening.

Did you place your order today (on a weekday)?

Don’t worry, as soon as we check your inputs, you’ll get a confirmation. You can expect your SEOgine Order Confirmation email by midnight EST on the weekday you order.

It might be in your spam folder?

There are email filters that don’t really like us since we have a vast number of emails that are sent out every day. Fortunately, your confirmation may be laying somewhere in the depths of your spam folder with your name on it. Once it is found, mark it “Not Spam” so you can get them going to the right box.

Still Nothing?

We might be slipping, please email Submit a Ticket Here with:

1) Paypal Email
2) Delivery Email
3) an alternate delivery email for us to send your confirmations to.

How do I Track my Rankings After I Have How long will it take me to get to the first page?

SEO is like being on the campaign trail. You need to be out there kissing babies and shaking hands, it’s what you need to do. The issue is you do not know how many hands that need to be shaken or babies need to be kissed in order to win. Just keep a smile on your face and don’t stop until you do. If you are being told different, you are being lied to you.


There is not one SEO professional that can tell you how many backlinks it will take to rank your website.

SEOgine part of that group of professionals that can not tell you, but we will be honest about it.


Will SEOgine get me penalized?

With all the campaigns we have completed, our success rate is 100%, there is no reason why we would subject your site to a penalization.

We have studied and implemented a strategy for every historical Google update so far. By making sure your site is high quality, Google implemented the Panda update–not too many ads above the fold, low bounce rates, etc.

The famous Penguin update shocked the world of link builders, but after the dust settled, most of the sites that dropped suffered from over-optimization. Now the focus is really all about keeping your anchor text natural & diverse and using lots of naked URLs as anchors.

Is your site already over-optimized? You can submit orders with all naked URLs as anchors to help even out your link profile.

SEOgine is a long-term SEO service, so we are not interested in jumping the ranks quickly, just to see you lose them just as fast. All of our focus is into quality content, diluting any possible digital footprints, and further randomizing our method of building links to ensure that each method stays ahead of the game.

We wrote a post on how to How to Improve Google Rankings