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So everyone has heard on Myspace, right?

Well, they were top dogs, maybe the best, at one point, setting the social media standard. Connected friends, family, and even reinvented the new “pen pal”. From 2005 to 2008 they were the most visited social networking site in the world, attracting 75.9 million unique visitors a month at its 2008 peak. This was because of their top teir marketing technique and unique web design.

Unfortunately, they got complacent and did not adjust their web design or features as technology and society adjusted, the best fell. Slowly Facebook became the superpower thereafter capitalizing their marketing efforts. For years, there was no competition, so the foot was never on the gas pedal, as their reviews started to drop.

This is you and your website, don’t just sit there while your local competition passes you by.

There are many ways to determine what is affecting your rankings, and generally, they fit in a few different buckets. Local marketing, top reviews, and web design.

At SEOgine, We’re Testing Evereyday.

Nothing is perfect. Nothing is magical. We have no secret potions.
The scientific data lets us know what we should not and should be doing on our local and non local campaigns.

We work with top tier branded firms, local Chesapeake companies and agencies across North America. We get proven results even in the top niches.

Leave the GUESS-EO to your competition. Welcome to the wonderful world of SCIENC-EO.



  1. Security
  2. Crawl Errors
  3. Site’s Loading Speed
  4. Mobile-Friendly

This lists just a few things that get you to the top or keeping you from being the best, local marketing is not just out advertising local companies, it’s staying on top of your tech also.


When searching for a local service, what shows up top? Maps and customer reviews, this is local marketing at it’s finest. Being the best means nothing you have to rank in your local market also.


The best technique of effective local backlinking. Your companies need to be listed, and listed correctly, in all the top places. There are lists of agencies who do this, make sure it is done right.


Having content that people enjoy and want to share is the best way to obtain quality backlinks from local agencies, firms, and companies. This vote of confidence are like 5-star reviews for the local Chesapeake community.


You can crush reviews, Chesapeake SEO, local marketing but if you don’t target the top keywords, that means nothing. If no one is searching for the keywords you are ranking for, are you really on top?


Talks to both, the search engine’s algorithm and your local customers. This is one of the best ways to reach the top, beat the local firms in your niche, through SEO. Marketing is done different with agencies, to be the best you need to work with the best.


Making sure our local marketing strategy is on point tracking your companies SEO progress is important, this is so we can secure your position at the top and be the best in your local niche.


Continually split testing web design and copywriting elements – driven by real local data. A seamless web experience means more conversions, and more conversions = top tier profitability.


Being local means we can meet up with you, or call you to talk about the best local marketing campaign for you and progress thus far. These monthly reviews and feedback help create the best campaign possible and secure your position on top.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization ( SEO ) secures your website’s visibility in Chesapeake to stay ahead of the game, long term. It ensures that your local Chesapeake customers can find your site quickly, now and in the future. The effects of the best local Chesapeake SEO campaign last for a lifetime and lead to a well-developed online presence. (Or any other city’s local campaign as well). Search engines are ever-changing and dynamic, so it’s essential to stay on top of this technology to get the best results.

Brand Awareness

SEO campaigns are incredibly effective at ensuring that people hear about your brand first. That’s what it does in the online marketplace; positioning your brand as a leader within your local market. There’s power in being in the top, premier positions in the search engines.

This type of brand strategy may not lead to an immediate increase in sales, but it is imperative to have in the long run. With the increase in Chesapeake’s search visibility, your brand becomes a trusting brand ambassador. Qualified prospects then recognize your brand as the authority, which is undeniably useful in the long game, and in turn, generates lasting sales.

Website Design and Architecture

Part of the process of great Chesapeake SEO, search engine optimization, and ranking well on the search engines, in general, is turning your website into a well-coded hub of excellent content, aimed to engage visitors and convert them into sales. When the campaign is complete, it becomes a traffic magnet for your business. This is strategically designed and structured to increase visibility and web traffic with visitors who are looking for your product or service. To capitalize off of that, getting reviews is another key part of this process.

Scientific, Data Driven SEO. No Guesswork.

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